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Facial Treatments

Customized Facials for Your Unique Skin

At MWA, we are strong advocates of facials to address your unique skin concerns. While some facials focus on anti-aging, others are designed to treat acne or sun damage. No matter what your aesthetic goals are, you’re sure to receive the perfect facial at our office. With regular treatments, you can achieve the healthy, radiant skin you desire.

Types of facial treatments

Here’s an overview of some of the facial treatments we may perform.  


  • Custom Facial: The goal of the Custom Facial is to target your unique skin needs so you can enjoy a rejuvenated complexion. Whether your concern is aging, acne, dryness, hyperpigmentation, or anything else, this option is sure to exceed your expectations.

  • Men’s Facial: Whether you’d like to improve your wrinkles or reduce the appearance of acne scars, skin rejuvenation can do wonders for your skin. Many men report smoother, softer skin after receiving a men’s facial. 

  • Teen Facial: The teen facial removes dirt, oil, and toxins that can lead to a lifeless, dull complexion.​​

  • Skinwave: The Skinwave combines an aqua-delivery system, skin revitalizing solutions, and Hydrogen therapy for a multi-dimensional skincare treatment. This professional skincare machine incorporates solutions rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrogen (H2) using hydradermabrasion. Solutions are infused deep into the skin, while gentle extraction removes impurities. The Skinwave facial is the ultimate compliment to brighten, improve vitality, and tone in all skin types.


  • Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning involves using a special scalpel with a sharp blade to remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and “peach fuzz” from your face. It can help you achieve fresh, smooth skin that’s ready for makeup application.

  • Light Chemical Peels: Light chemical peels are resurfacing treatments that gently peel off the top layer of your skin to reveal a fresh, dewy complexion. With light chemical peels, there is usually minimal to no peeling.

Am I a good candidate for facials?

You may be a good candidate for facials if you:

  • Wish you had softer, smoother skin.

  • Are longing for a more even skin tone.

  • Hope to control acne and prevent future breakouts.

  • Want to add moisture to dehydrated skin.

  • Wish to look younger and more rejuvenated.

How long does the treatment take?

Our custom facials are 50 minutes.

What results will I see?

After a facial, you’ll enjoy smoother, softer skin. You’ll also notice a positive difference in your acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, enlarged pores, age spots, and other imperfections. You can expect to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Is there any downtime?

The downtime you experience will depend on the specifics of your facial treatment. You are welcome to return to work and your daily activities immediately.

Take the First Step – Request A Consultation

Simply request a consultation and one of our expert technicians at MWA will be available to answer all of your questions. If you know you're ready to book this service, please select Book This Service below.

What Our Clients Say

Chrissy 2_edited.jpg


I absolutely loooove Jackie! She is amazing! I had dermaplaning for the first time and she got rid of so much peach fuzz and dead skin! She did an aqua facial on my Mother-in-law and she loved it too!

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